Oral Comprehensive
Timeline for SUCCESS!!!

thru Dec Read paper selection criteria.

Begin searching for paper. DuPont may not have online or available so leave yourself time to utilize InterLibrary Loan Requests.

by mid-Jan

Read & skim paper selections yourself at this time.

After narrowing your selection to a paper or two, make an appointment with a member of the CS faculty to discuss. Provide faculty member copies of these papers to consider (perhaps online). Be prepared to discuss why this paper is appropriate for your exam. This may take more than one iteration, so start early.

by Feb 1 Paper is APPROVED by a member of the CS faculty and student provides all members a copy (paper if they so request).

Read your paper thoroughly and start serious preparation for your presentation. Visuals strongly recommended (powerpoint, etc).

early March Schedule paper discussion with your faculty mentor (usually the member who approved your paper in the first place and with whom you've had the most contact on this subject).
mid March Schedule the room and any equipment you will need for your exam. Inform all CS faculty of location.

Finalize details of your presentation -- both content and supporting material (powerpoint, etc).

late March Oral Comp's (2nd comp exam period) typically take place at end of March or early April.